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how to be my friend:  

- acquire a large collection of Russian mp3/DivX

- listen to my theories about the future of e-commerce and everything digital

- write me comments about the website

- read my AIM profile

- link to me from your page :)

I identify myself with three main groups; American teenagers, Russian immigrants, and computer enthusiasts. Thus my friends are found locally, in the New England Russian community, as well as in the vast and unknown online world. This page goes through layers, representing the changes in my whereabouts and activities. WPI is of course the latest of these locals, more about that is to follow.

event sub-pages (pictures, yay!):

Maine Summer 2002
Boston 02 - On The Town
Boston Living - Summer 2002
Misha & Olga Wedding
Holy Cross Dance Comp 02-02
Receipts Winter 2001-02
WPI Campus 2001
Dorm Life 2001
9 - 11 - 2001
Montréal Summer 2001
ORHS Prom 2001
Laptop Day End of HS 2001
Chillin' At Jason's 2001
Hartford Summer 2000
New Years 1999
RSM Camp 1999

From my years at Oyster River, shouts go out to my daily companions. Lunch just wouldn't have been the same without my card playing buddies. No matter how hectic the day, one can always get back on schedule after a refreshing game of "Scum". Greets to Bill, Josh, Matt, Mark, Mike, Pat. Credit goes to Ben (pictured) for introducing the game.

Families from the New England Russian community often get together for vacations and parties. Ours is one of these families. Video is online from the new years 99 party. Other photos are available on my dad's homepage, you will need the password to access these files, if you are a friend or relative e-mail to get it. For all your other Russian Media needs visit The Russian Internet which has everything from Russian radio, to newspapers, and Russian TV. While you're visiting random pages, don't forget to check out an adventuresome page of a certain sister :)

Recently I have had a great time on family trips with four peeps whom I wish I saw more of. Shouts are in order to Lena, Leo, Simon and Beth.

David Krasik is cause of my original computer inspiration. Check out his page for some jokes, pictures and his life story. He's an upbeat energetic guy, currently at the University of Brandeis. On a related upbeat note, my "cousins" Maria and Sonya are the best.. now whose coming to visit me this summer? :)

I spent the majority of summer 2000 in Boston. Greets fly out to my close quarter companions; Berman, Becca, Ali, Pupsik, Kiddie, and many many others. Berman had a way with us all. Despite the work I had a lot of fun and met Becca :) So I guess I cant complain too much. Boston is a great city, I hope to spend more time there when I can. It was a good summer.

On the web you'll find me on the message boards of Anandtech and Fatwallet under the alias Tomcat. I don't communicate with as many random people online as I used to for legacy sake, shouts go out to all those who influenced me, Shattered, Smiles, Spyed, Michael Robertson, Cyberman, Asmith, Yosh, Kevin, all the previous members of Mp3Group, channel #mp3 on, everyone else I forgot to mention and the message board.

Back in the day, Josh's basement provided us with countless hours of playing games and fixing ever-breaking computers. And now for some early pics of the (since dead?) gaming Boris.

quakeboris.jpg (10603 bytes)
Here is the pre-haircut Boris relaxing cause .. ahh .. he's on the good computer.

alias: Tomcat



quakejosh.jpg (14418 bytes)



Mr. Nygren.. the fearless brute force attacker, showing off his stuff.

Alias: Neo



quakemike.jpg (6937 bytes)


As usual Mike is playing with his eyes closed .... and on the slower computer ... and only using the double barrel shotgun .... and its 20 to 5 .... damn you Mike!

Alias: Uncouth


quakesetup.jpg (13196 bytes)


Here is a picture of the good old Nygren house setup. These days its all gone to BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) but I guess I like it that way... except for the heavy monitor part.



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